Chiappa Little Badger


Chiappa Firearms recently released the little badger.   Its a 3.5 pound folding single shot firearm with some interesting features.  This is a super light weight basic survival rifle with a wire stock.   It comes with a 12 round cartridge holder and a “rucksack holster”.

Little badger pistol grip

This is a very cool looking basic survival rifle.   It comes with a threaded barrel and quad rail.  The rear sight is adjustable but an optic could be mounted as well.   Behind the trigger guard there is another rail for adding a grip.  Currently Chiappa offers a basic pistol grip that includes a cleaning kit and additional room for storage.  This could be useful for additional rounds or other survival tools.

I’d like to get my hands on one and try it out with my suppressor.  I currently have an AR-7 and while I like it I don’t like that I cant put my suppressor on it.   The advantage of the AR-7 is that it is semi auto with 10 round mags and stores in itself when not in use.  Plus it floats.   The Little Badger is a bit more basic but with a MSRP of $170 it comes in cheaper.   I’ll pick one of these up when I see it and I’ll share my thoughts on it as a survival rifle.   chiappa-little-badger-folded




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